History of The Bad Light

Boiled down to the basic ingredients of drums, guitar and vocals The Bad Light plays their own brand of blues driven stoner sludge, the songs feel equally at home played through a resonator guitar as they do through a thick wall of fuzz. Based out of Santa Cruz California, The Bad Light has released two EP's and is currently working on a full length album due out in the fall of 2015.

Eduardo Cerro, Dana Shepard, Emily Pegoda

Nathan Gonzalez, Eduardo Cerro

The Bad Light started out as a simple musical outlet for Eduardo Cerro and Nathan Gonzalez. On or around 2009, the duo started out "just jamming" in Nathan's garage, from these initial loose and creative jam sessions a "sound" started to materialize that felt worth pursuing.

The mixture of Eduardo's bluesy fingerpicking guitar style fuzzed out and amplified driven by Nathan's eclectic drumming style created musical textures that felt new and inspiring and drove the duo to pursue the project more seriously leading to playing live and recording two EP's, 2011's Marrow of Sound and 2013's Onward Downward. While the songs on Marrow of Sound have a LO Fi and loose feel to them, the songwriting becomes more focused on Onward Downward, including collaborations with Kristi Angeline and Emily Pegoda on guest vocals and went on to pave the road for Emily to join the band in 2014.

In the summer of 2013 Nathan left the band to pursue the mastering of his other interests, archery, alcoholism and South American tail lurking, Corey Prough filled the spot for a brief period and eventually Dana Shepard took over the position full time bringing his thundering, snare drum lug snapping, Nordic giants crushing small villages - style of drumming, allowing the new line up to build the foundation for a new batch of songs, and the recording of the first full length album Temples, in 2015.


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