History of The Bad Light

Inspired by an eclectic range of influences such as raw blues, psych, and heavy rock, The Bad Light alchemize basic elements to create a distinctive sound. In one critic’s words, they are “grounded in meditation while remaining heavy and melodic.” With Edu Cerro of Santa Fe, Argentina, on guitar/vocals, Dana Shepard of St. Johns, Newfoundland, on drums and Celeste Deruisa of Santa Cruz, California on vocals, they’re sonically rooted to each members’ respective homelands.

Founded in Santa Cruz in 2009 as a duo, the Bad Light has evolved into a stripped-down three piece pushing new sounds of expansive consciousness that even traditional rockers will love. Their 2015 debut full-length, Temples, captures the fuzz-dipped sound of their previous EPs — Sound of Marrow and Onward Downward–while remaining steadfast in the band’s new direction of exploring the space between sounds.


On their latest release–2018’s split EP, The Bad Tuna–Deruisa’s haunting vocals weave between Cerro’s heavy chords and Shepard’s pounding beats to create an ethereal tone riding the line that divides salvation and damnation. Whenever they play, audience members are enthralled by every aspect of their live performance, even down to Shepard’s larger-than-life bass drum. The Bad Light continuously create and release new music, constantly expanding into the depths of the unknown. Dark, heavy, melodic, holy and organic, The Bad Light will illuminate a clear path to musical enlightenment.

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